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About That Time

As sad as I am to end another school year (and can you believe, I’m finally out of here!),  I am excited for the final hurrah because it’s time for SENIOR CRUSH LISTS! It’s a tradition that has everyone swooning … Continue reading

Weekend plans

Prospective students and parents always ask: “What do you guys do for fun on the weekends?”   Well here is a line up of what’s happening this weekend at Middlebury!     Friday- RELAY FOR LIFE one of my class … Continue reading

College MUST-BRING checklist

So the week before we left for spring break, the weather was absolutely phenomenal. I’m talking 80 degrees, maximum sun with the perfect breeze—-sheer perfection. My friends and I basked in the glorious sun before taking off for spring break … Continue reading

Chilly for Chili

Saturday was the annual chili festival here in Middlebury! It is one of my favorite events of the year because it really strengthens my belief in a community that I have come to appreciate during my time here. Also, it … Continue reading


Last night was single handedly one of the greatest nights I’ve ever had at Middlebury. Why, you ask? It was the annual Winter Ball and those who haven’t been quite keeping up with our Senior Fellows Blog, read Sara’s explanation … Continue reading

Eclectic. Relaxed. Informal.

So you’re probably wondering where Midd kids hang out when they are not busy with their studies or extra curricular activities. There are various places on campus where we sit back and enjoy being stress-free, such as the Grille and/or … Continue reading

Thanks, Middlebury!

By committing to Middlebury College, we, the students, have decided that this institution was the place where we’d trade in $200k+ and 4 years of our lives in exchange of its stellar undergrad experience. Sure, we all expected to take … Continue reading

One in Four

25% of our student body is a varsity athlete. For a school of roughly 2400 students, this number is significant in that one in every four students plays a sport (or more if you want to be technical). I think … Continue reading

Dolci delight

It has been said that Middlebury’s standards in its dining hall food surpass the norm. We have no meal plan nor swiping system that strategically keeps track of our every dietary consumption as everything is covered under the general comprehensive … Continue reading

Out of nostalgia

I remember this particular season, precisely one year ago. I was lost in a brand new  city and my friends and I wanted to embark on every adventure we could possibly encounter. As “Erasmus” students, international students in other words, who insisted … Continue reading