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The Allergen Effet

The end is near. This is my last week of classes for my undergraduate career. The last time I will sit in class with the professors I have gotten familiar with over the last 4 years. The last time I … Continue reading

20 Things I Will Miss

I have begun to make a list of things I will miss about Middlebury…  Some will say it is too soon I say, NAH! Waking up 20 minutes before you are supposed to be somewhere and still getting there on … Continue reading

Foul Ball

Just when I thought I had everything organized, fate throws me a curve ball and I strike out between 3rd Base and Home. I was so close to having the big man upstairs yell “SAFE,” and finally feel like I … Continue reading

Being a Freshman, for the Third Time

Starting over. Just when you thought the application process was over, after 4 years it starts again. Well for some of us it does. And the sad part is the common app still has yet, to create a hub that … Continue reading

Shankin’ My Fanny Muscle

COME ON YOU VON TUSLES COME AND SHAKE YOUR FANNY MUSCLES No We Can’t ! YES, You can! Oh crap. I really can’t. I can’t sing. Why I am just thinking about this now? Mona you knew you were going … Continue reading

Waiting for Godot

Walking home from the library this weekend I looked around and said out loud, “There is something missing,” without missing a beat my suitemate said, “The leaves, we’re missing the leaves.” Ah yes, the leaves. Normally walking around we always … Continue reading

Just. Ask.

The question: “What does she look like?” is a normal question one would ask when trying to identify another human being. However at Middlebury I have learned it can turn into a game of 21 questions. Is she short? Kinda … Continue reading

Unlike Mastercard, College has a Pricetag

One of the hardest things about college for me has been affording it. Coming to Middlebury has been a dream, but I know my forefathers and future progeny already feel the strain. (You laugh, they cry.) Debt is a real … Continue reading

True Life: I Survive in the Green Mountains

It may come as no surprise (if you are a middkid) and the people from U.S. News Today, that we have lots and lots of homework. And I do not mean the busy work they give you in high school … Continue reading