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2011 So Far…

Well, it looks like we’ve slacked off a little bit on updating this blog. I hope all you eager MiddKids to be didn’t miss us too much. Since no one has updated you since way back in the year 2010, … Continue reading

Finals Week…grumble grubmle grumble

Well, we’re in the home stretch here at the end of 1st semester, which means finals finals finals! Campus feels a little bit stressed, a little bit high strung, but for the most part we’re staying mellow and looking forward … Continue reading

“Brooms Up!”

While men’s soccer is advancing in the Sweet 16 and the cross country teams are on their way to Iowa for nationals, Middlebury’s top team has already been crowned international champions. I’m talking, of course, about Quidditch. For most muggles … Continue reading