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What do you think?

I’ve been asked that question so many times over the past four years: what do you think? Yesterday I met with about 15 other junior and senior environmental studies majors to work with a few of the administrators in charge … Continue reading

All of my roommates

I find myself talking about my roommates in every information session I give. I live with four other girls in one of the five person Atwater SuitesĀ (most house four students but one of my roommates got a great number, 12, … Continue reading

Hints of spring?

This past weekend I traveled to Hillsborough, NJ to compete with Middlebury’s cycling team in the first race of the spring season. The forecast called for rain, but the minute we pulled up to Saturday’s race course, the sun came … Continue reading

But you’re not an English major…

Yesterday the professor for the English senior seminar I’m taking, Booker Prize Fiction, called me out for critiquing the lyrical repetition of the novel we’d just read, something most of my classmates found beautiful but that I found verbose and … Continue reading

It’s snowing!

Just kidding! It’s 50 degrees and sunny out, two full days into November. However, snow is an inevitable fact of life at Midd. The season’s first snowfall came on Thursday, October 27th this year… as early as I remember it. … Continue reading

Sweet as maple syrup

An admissions counselor once asked me what separates Middlebury from similar small liberal arts colleges. Well, Middlebury is in Vermont, and as such we have come to expect extremely high standards of maple syrup and other maple-based products. Next question, … Continue reading

Dining at Midd

Middlebury has the perfect campus meal plan…none at all. The three dining halls at Middlebury operate on the honor system. Students walk in at any time they’re open (typically 7AM-2PM and 4PM-8PM) without swiping a meal card or being asked … Continue reading

ES Senior Seminar

Every fall I get more excited to come back to Middlebury. Walking across campus during the first week of the semester means running into old friends and never knowing when to expect the next bear hug, and the summer weather … Continue reading