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Welcome back to the Middlebury Spring Semester. This is my last term at Middlebury College and by far the busiest too. Its tough balancing all the demands that come with being a student that’s about to leave. Finishing senior theses, … Continue reading

Home Stretch

The end of fall semester for a Middlebury student typically parallels winter season sells. Thanksgiving Break = Black Friday. We get a couple days off to relax (or make some final-year purchases at a discounted price). But just as shopping … Continue reading

Bright Lights, Bigger City

Burlington. Yes. BURLINGTON. If you’re thinking of applying to Middlebury, you may (or may not) be concerned about its location. I know I was. Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, the word ‘rural’ wasn’t even part of my vocabulary. Transitioning … Continue reading

Where the work gets done…?

Everybody has different study habits. Some people work best in the morning. Others work best at night. And even others work best when morning and night start to blend together. Personally, I am the most productive when there is nobody … Continue reading

Taking Back the Bank

Granted, $53,420 is a lot to pay for a year anywhere. On my current diet of ramen, coffee, and dried mangoes, that much bank could last me a long, LONG time. Sometimes (rarely‚Ķ but sometimes) a part of me wants … Continue reading