Monthly Archives: September 2012

Home and Away, Home and Away

“I have a flight that gets in today at 3:20 PM. Want to pick me up? :-)” I received this text message early Saturday morning (before the first day of classes) from one of my best friends on campus, a … Continue reading

My last first day

My last first day of school. That Monday that students everywhere both dread and look forward to had particular poignancy for me this year. I was a senior, or, as I’ve also come to think of it, officially in the … Continue reading

Questions and Reflections

As both a pre-emptive and a reflective exercise, I think that it’s a good idea to review the most frequent questions that I have gotten thus far in my presenting experience, along with the most difficult ones. This gives me … Continue reading


Hello! Welcome to our Senior Blog. Abigail, Charlie, Christopher, Dan, Emma, Joanna, Kyle, and I (Jimin) are so excited to be your Senior Fellows for this year. The Admissions Office started the Senior Fellows program so that prospective students and … Continue reading