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Senior Month

May first historically acts as a nostalgic day filled with memories of going out to breakfast with my dad and being granted his permission to arrive to school late due to our homemade holiday. However, tomorrow’s arrival of May first … Continue reading

Finding My Center

The student center is the core of most college campuses, a building overemphasized on the tour as the heart of the campus, with students flowing in and out constantly, pumping out activities and information to the entire community.  Yesterday, I … Continue reading


One of the buzzwords most heard around campus this past week has been avocado, in light of a recent gift by the parent of a freshman Feb of 10,000 pounds of Ettinger avocados to Middlebury College dining services. As the … Continue reading

Readyyyy, GO!

Unlike most seniors, who are busy getting ready to present their written theses at the symposium, this week I’ve been working feverishly with the other dance majors to prepare for our thesis concert, which goes up next weekend. At the … Continue reading

Julieta Paredes Carvjaval: Communitarian Feminism

Julieta Paredes Carvajal is an Aymara woman, communitarian lesbian feminist, co-founder of Mujeres Creando (Women Creating) and the Community of women creating community as well as the Communitarian Feminist Assembly. She lives in La Paz, Bolivia, land where a political … Continue reading

20 Things I Will Miss

I have begun to make a list of things I will miss about Middlebury…  Some will say it is too soon I say, NAH! Waking up 20 minutes before you are supposed to be somewhere and still getting there on … Continue reading

Foul Ball

Just when I thought I had everything organized, fate throws me a curve ball and I strike out between 3rd Base and Home. I was so close to having the big man upstairs yell “SAFE,” and finally feel like I … Continue reading

College MUST-BRING checklist

So the week before we left for spring break, the weather was absolutely phenomenal. I’m talking 80 degrees, maximum sun with the perfect breeze—-sheer perfection. My friends and I basked in the glorious sun before taking off for spring break … Continue reading

Being a Freshman, for the Third Time

Starting over. Just when you thought the application process was over, after 4 years it starts again. Well for some of us it does. And the sad part is the common app still has yet, to create a hub that … Continue reading


To those of you who’ve just been admitted to Middlebury, congratulations!!! The next weeks are sure to hold a big decision–I urge you to reach out of me, or any of the senior fellows, with any questions you might have … Continue reading