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Last night was single handedly one of the greatest nights I’ve ever had at Middlebury. Why, you ask? It was the annual Winter Ball and those who haven’t been quite keeping up with our Senior Fellows Blog, read Sara’s explanation … Continue reading

Carnival Weekend!

Here at Middlebury, this weekend, our 89th Annual Winter Carnival, has been eagerly anticipated since the beginning of the year.  Winter Carnival is one of Middlebury’s oldest and best loved school traditions, and it involves a wide range of activities … Continue reading

The Question

Where is the snow????? It’s all anyone can talk about. This winter has been mysteriously snowless, with several flurries followed two days later by a spurt of rain. The rumor is that every twelve years Vermont has a snowless winter, … Continue reading

First Last Day

Early Sunday morning, as soon as Megabus dropped me off in Burlington, a friend of mine picked me up and drove me to Middlebury. It was a good hour commute, but we spent all that time updating each other on school, work, and … Continue reading


Welcome back to the Middlebury Spring Semester. This is my last term at Middlebury College and by far the busiest too. Its tough balancing all the demands that come with being a student that’s about to leave. Finishing senior theses, … Continue reading

Liberal Arts

I initially decided on a liberal arts education, as I had no idea of what I wanted to major in and didn’t want to carelessly commit to a department. With the distribution requirements at Middlebury, I trusted that one of … Continue reading