Monthly Archives: November 2011

Home Stretch

The end of fall semester for a Middlebury student typically parallels winter season sells. Thanksgiving Break = Black Friday. We get a couple days off to relax (or make some final-year purchases at a discounted price). But just as shopping … Continue reading

Eclectic. Relaxed. Informal.

So you’re probably wondering where Midd kids hang out when they are not busy with their studies or extra curricular activities. There are various places on campus where we sit back and enjoy being stress-free, such as the Grille and/or … Continue reading

Thanks and Snow

When I told my mom I was planning on staying on campus for Thanksgiving break, she was really worried: “but will the dining halls be open? Wont you starve? Will there be anyone else there? Wont you be lonely?” I … Continue reading

Final Registration!

I am still grappling with the fact that I just registered for my last semester of classes at Middlebury College. It is quite surreal as I vividly remember the first session of registration and the first weeks of school that … Continue reading

Thanks, Middlebury!

By committing to Middlebury College, we, the students, have decided that this institution was the place where we’d trade in $200k+ and 4 years of our lives in exchange of its stellar undergrad experience. Sure, we all expected to take … Continue reading

Shankin’ My Fanny Muscle

COME ON YOU VON TUSLES COME AND SHAKE YOUR FANNY MUSCLES No We Can’t ! YES, You can! Oh crap. I really can’t. I can’t sing. Why I am just thinking about this now? Mona you knew you were going … Continue reading


Friday afternoons have always been a magical time for me here at Middlebury. I’ve been fortunate over the years to only have class on Friday mornings, so that by the time lunch rolls around, it really feels like the weekend … Continue reading

But you’re American…

It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m sitting at my Senior Fellow desk, as always, nervously watching the hours pass as the Cultural Show put on by Middlebury’s International Students Organization (ISO) approaches.  The event is often touted as the best show … Continue reading

Waiting for Godot

Walking home from the library this weekend I looked around and said out loud, “There is something missing,” without missing a beat my suitemate said, “The leaves, we’re missing the leaves.” Ah yes, the leaves. Normally walking around we always … Continue reading

Just. Ask.

The question: “What does she look like?” is a normal question one would ask when trying to identify another human being. However at Middlebury I have learned it can turn into a game of 21 questions. Is she short? Kinda … Continue reading