What you will do

First, know that you will be busy in this class!

  • You will read three books: Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know; Behind the Beautiful Forevers; and Making Good.
  • You will read a set of articles and view related videos.
  • You will help lead discussions in class about this material.
  • You will spend a day in Vermont.
  • You will work on a project related to social entrepreneurship and the future of education.
    • 1.  Research one organization (draft for Friday, January 17th)
      • What is the organization?
      • What is their model of social change?
      • What problem is it designed to solve?
      • What do they do?
      • What have they achieved to date?
      • What are their greatest challenges?
      • What does the future look like?
      • What can other organizations learn from their experience?
    • 2.  Prepare interview with leader of that organization (from Wednesday, January 15th – Monday January 20th)
    • 3.  Lead Google Hangout with that leader (Monday, January 20th or Tuesday, January 21st.) 
    • 4.  Summarize results of that Google Hangout and integrate with earlier research (Wednesday, January 22nd and Thursday, January 23rd)
    • 5.  Prepare and lead ‘discussion table’ for Friday World Cafe session during the symposium (for Friday, January 24th)
    • 6.  Prepare and present poster for Friday evening talk with David Bornstein (for Friday, January 24th)
    • 7.  Write a summary for the CSE’s blog on what you have learned from this organization and this exercise (Monday, January 27th)
  • You will participate in an amazing gathering of students, scholars and practitioners: the MCSE’s third annual symposium.
  • You will keep a journal and share much of it with others.

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