My research focuses on international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), and I am interested in a wide array of other non-state actors.

My most recent book is The Authority Trap, written with Wendy Wong and published by Cornell UP.  You can watch or listen to us talk about the book here and here. We describe our theoretical approach to INGO authority in a short review piece in Perspectives on Politics.  We use conceptions of hierarchy to explain INGO influence in a contribution to this volume edited by Ayse Zarakol.

George E. Mitchell (City College of New York) and I used data from the TNGO Initative at Syracuse University to explore how INGOs form reputations with their peer organizations. We have a (forthcoming, Fall 2020) piece in Development in Practice on US-based INGOs.

My interest in INGOs and non-state actors began in graduate school.  The research from my dissertation led to my first book, Borders Among Activists (Cornell, 2012) I explore how the national roots of international NGOs shape their strategies and structures, using case studies of humanitarian and human rights INGOs in the US, Britain, and France.  I have also published on INGOs in the Review of International Organizations (with Amanda Murdie) and International Studies Review (with Wendy Wong), and contributed to a volume on power and transnational activism.

Finally, with Wendy Wong, Lindsay Heger (OEF Foundation), and Danielle Jung (Emory University), I convened a March 2014 workshop on the organizational structure of non-state actors.

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