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Welcome to Middlebury Women’s Rugby Alumnae Association!
This year, with the help of Camille Padilla (’07), we are working to create a better post-college community for our Middlebury College women ruggers. Our alumnae association is made up of and is open to all of Middlebury’s past women rugby players. This association has been created to maintain and grow connections between our alumnae.

MCWRC Alumnae and Ben Franklin

Our association celebrated its one-year anniversary this Fall 2009 with our first ever Middlebury Women’s Rugby Alumnae Event in Boston at the end of August. This event was organized by Camille, and Colleen Sullivan (’07), Dana Weissman (’07), Priscilla Sinclair (‘07.5), Kristina Brown (’10), H.Kay Merriman (’10), and Alice Ford (’10) cam to join in on the fun.


The MCWRC Alumnae group started the night at the Bell in Hand, and even Ben Franklin wanted to join the group!  The night was a great time to catch up with old friends, and we hope to see you at the next event!  Look to this page for more upcoming events.

To join the Women’s Rugby Alumnae Association, please visit its Google Group at By clicking the “apply for membership” link, you will be subscribed to the quarterly newsletter and be kept apprised of alumnae events.

If you have any trouble joining the Google Group, please feel free to contact Camille by emailing:

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