Board Officers for 2018-2019:

Co-President:   Jules Struzyna (‘19.5)
email: jstruzyna@middlebury.edu

Co-President: Sara Benitez Ramirez (‘19.5)
email: sbenitezramirez@middlebury.edu

Backs Captain: Ellen Colton (’19)
email: efcolton@middlebury.edu

Forwards Captain: Ariana Hernandez (’19)
email: arianah@middlebury.edu

Treasurer: Sam Valone (‘20.5)
email: svalone@middlebury.edu

Match Secretary: Megan Salmon (’21)
email: msalmon@middlebury.edu

Social Chair: Mel J Pascual (’19)
email: mpascual@middlebury.edu

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  1. I would just like to comment on how majestic Avery looks with her, I AM RUGBY t-shirt :), right smack in the middle of the middle of the picture

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