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Middlebury College’s Women’s Rugby Club (MCWRC) works under the organization of  New England Small College Rugby (NESC Rugby) and USA Rugby.  These organizations help to promote the education of and support for the game while maintaining safe regulations.  These associations follow the guidelines established by the International Rugby Union (IRB).

MCWRC works with women attending Middlebury College to teach the sport to all levels of athletes.  Many women join the club having no prior experience with rugby, and some have never played an organized sport.  Still others have had experience in high school with rugby.  We encourage all levels to contribute their talents to the club in order to have the greatest level of success by furthering the growth of the club.

Our club plays two seasons: Spring and Fall.  Spring is a time to teach new positions to players and to provide time to all players in game situations.  Fall is the league season in which MCWRC competes in NESC Rugby’s women collegiate Division II against other colleges in the league in hopes of winning the championship.

We encourage players of all levels to join the club and to learn the fun of rugby.  If interested, please email rugbywomen@middlebury.edu with contact information.



Board Officers for Fall 2017:

President:   Emma Moskovitz (’18)
email: emoskovitz@middlebury.edu

Captain: Ella Rohm-Ensing (’18)
email: erohmensing@middlebury.edu

Vice President: Emilie Seavey (’18)
email: eseavey@middlebury.edu

Treasurer: Ellen Colton (’19)
email: efcolton@middlebury.edu

Match Secretary: Jules Struzyna (‘19.5)
email: jstruzyna@middlebury.edu 

Alumnae Relations Coordinator: Ella Rohm-Ensing (’18)
email: erohmensing@middlebury.edu


Fall 2017 Roster Coming Soon

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  1. I would just like to comment on how majestic Avery looks with her, I AM RUGBY t-shirt :), right smack in the middle of the middle of the picture

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