Baking at Bates

This last week we played Bates. After a long haul up in several different cars and a stop at Dunkin, we arrived at the field… which was more like an oven than a field. I should clarify that the field was made of turf, which had been baking in the hot sun all day until the time of our game (1:00). Needless to say after kick-off, things got heated. Luckily, a try was scored by miss Brenna… or wait, was it Stevie? I get those two confused. I know they both play backs… and sometimes play scrum half. Anyways one of those two ( I think it was Stevie) scored a hat trick plus two. That’s not like a rugby expression, she just scored five times. About a quarter of the way into the game, the ref made us play uncontested scrums, which, for any of our fans out there, is why “Brita’s legs were so straight.” We had bunch of new players and props to them!– literally, some of them played prop. Miss Sylvia scored her first try, and many more points because that girl’s got a crazy-good boot on her! She will be shooting the boot at our next singing. Thanks to the hard work of our rookies, the sweat of our team, and the side-lines water-girls we ended up winning 74-0.

Fall 2014: Tufts and Colby

Next week we’ll start enjoying a new witty blog-post pair, but for now I want to give a quick recap of our last two games.

Last weekend we went down to Tufts after only a few practices and were unsure of what to expect.  The game ended up being a good one, and despite a little bit of frantic play, we held them off to a score of 5-14, with Sarah Kravitz (’16) at flyhalf scoring our try.  Everyone agreed that even though we lost, it felt like a victory after last year’s emotional and rough-and-tumble match.

This weekend we faced off against Colby, and our defenses were not quite up to their All-American outside center’s break-aways, and she scored all 4 of their tries.  We lost, but it was a beautiful day for rugby, and we even put some brand new rookies out on the field.  Our own Stevie Durocher (‘15.5) scored two tries for a final score of 10-31.

Next week we head up to Maine to play at Bates!