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On Saturday, April 27 The MCRC took the pitch for the Round of 16 National Championship match against St. Bonaventure. Both teams were making their debut in the DI-AA National playoffs, and both teams were looking to make their mark.

Middlebury came out strong and dominated both possession and territory, but were unable to convert their dominance into many points. The score at halftime stood at 13-5.

The Blue opened the second half scoring to go up 18-5, but St. Bonaventure would respond with 19 unanswered points to take an 18-24 lead with 13 minutes remaining. Middlebury reclaimed the lead 25-24 at the 31 minute mark, and extended the advantage to 28-24 with only 3 minutes left to play. Unfortunately St. Bonaventure would have the last say, scoring a try to move in front 28-29 and claim the victory.

FIRST XV: Cliff Hanich ’15, Aaron Yappert ’16, Cole Baker ’16, Tom Lynch ’14, Ben Stasiuk (C) ’13.5, Griffin Jones ’16, Nate Brown ’13, Laird Silsby ’15, Don Song ’13, Dusty Attwood-Dupont ’13.5, David Cromwell ’16 (First start – competitive), Dylan Whitaker (C) ’13, Jake Feury ’16, Ted Benge ’16 (First start – competitive), Allan Stafford ’13.5

RESERVES: Luke Dauner ’13, Graham Shaw ’16, Devin Risinger ’14 (Jones), Miller Judge ’16, Blake Shapskinsky ’15 (Stasiuk), Alec Mackenzie ’15 (Cromwell), Sam Schwarz ’16 (First cap (Attwood-Dupont)), Geoff Genova ’15 (Mackenzie)

SCORING:     Jake Feury:  13 points (3 penalties, 2 conversions)

Allan Stafford: 10 points (2 tries)

Cliff Hanich: 5 points (1 try)


On Sunday, April 28 Middlebury took on Pitt who fell to Dartmouth the previous day. Both teams were looking to finish with a win, and Middlebury had a very different line-up from the previous day after losing 6 players to injury. This would mark the final game for The Blue for four Seniors: Captain Dylan Whitaker, Don Song, Luke Dauner and Nate Brown

The Blue was in control throughout, and altho the rain and slippery conditions prevented both teams from linking multiple phases Middlebury was able to punch thru more often. Final score Middlebury over Pitt 20-7 and the seniors finish their Middlebury careers with an impressive victory on the national stage.

FIRST XV: Cliff Hanich ’15, Aaron Yappert ’16, Cole Baker ’16, Tom Lynch (VC) ’14, Blake Shapskinksy ’15 (First start – competitive), Devin Risinger ’14, Nate Brown ’13, Luke Dauner (VC) ’13, Don Song ’13, Jake Feury ’16, David Cromwell ’16, Dylan Whitaker (C) ’13, Timmy Macrae ’16 (First cap, first start – competitive), Taran Veerman ’15, Allan Stafford ’13.5

RESERVES: Graham Shaw ’16 (First cap – competitive. (Baker)), Miller Judge ’16 (First cap – competitive. (Yappert)), George Katsaounis ’16 (First cap – competitive. (Dauner)), Astor Nummelin-Carlberg ’13.5 (Lynch), Sam Schwarz ’16 (Song), Tucker Hopkins ’16 (First cap – competitive. (Macrae))

SCORING:    Jake Feury: 20 points (2 tries, 2 conversions, 2 penalties)


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