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MCRC-Boathouse Merchandise StoreOur fully online custom merchandise store is now open!

Working closely with Boathouse Sports we have developed limited-edition Middlebury Rugby clothing including an “All-American” supporters’ rugby jersey (S/S Loose Fit Skinz). These jerseys got international coverage when some of our alumni wore them at the World Cup in New Zealand and were picked up on camera! This is a great way to get top-of-the-line sporting gear while supporting the club, as 25% of all proceeds go directly to us.


The store is only open till Nov 14th so get your gear now: http://middleburyrugby.boathousegear.com

3 Responses to “Buy Custom Middlebury Rugby Gear: Now till Nov 14th”

  1. Whitey says:

    What’s up with all the gear being “Middlebury Rugby” with some generic panther instead of MCRC and the sweet, sleek, stylized one?

  2. Muchadei Zvoma '07 says:

    Actually there is a mix of the MCRC logo and the classic Middlebury panther with “Middlebury Rugby”.

    We do these stores annually and we want to make sure we are changing things up and reaching out to as wide an audience as possible. We are The MCRC, we are Middlebury Rugby, we are a Middlebury sports team. This store is paying tribute to all of those identities and hopefully appealing to a larger audience, which includes Middlebury alumni and family members in general not just those who played on the club internationally known as The MCRC.

  3. Whitey says:

    Your artful command of the english language never ceases to keep me tingling with admiration.

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