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Middlebury takes on Salisbury in the DII National Championship semi-final at Founders Field in Pittsburgh, PA. These two teams met in the corresponding fixture in 2007 in Sanford, FL. Middlebury, eventual national champions, beat Salisbury in that game 49 – 14. Four years on and anyone who played in that game has now moved on.

All of the DII men’s and women’s semi-final and final games will be streamed online at http://www.ustream.tv/usarugby.

Kick-off for the Middlebury semi-final is at 3:15 PM.

6 Responses to “Watch The MCRC vs. Salisbury Live Online: Saturday, March 30 @ 3:15 PM”

  1. John Wellington '83 says:

    Great win Midd! Hard fought and relentless work by everybody!

    Anyone in the NYC area that wants to see the game tomorrow, call my cell phone. I can take 3 in my plane (2 hr flight). Will fly for gas money!!


  2. John Wellington '83 says:

    Cell: 203-253-4939 Sorry.

  3. John Wellington '83 says:

    Amazed my the interest – I already have 3 riders, so no more calls please. Now if the weather will just cooperate…..

  4. Johannes Ernharth '91 says:

    Was a great game today. Glad you’re trying to make it for the finals… Look for the Midd Tent at the far end of the match pitch, just beyond the referee’s tent / before the warm up fields.

  5. Thank you for announcing this information. I look forward to catching the game.

  6. Muchadei Zvoma says:

    Sorry about that typo – this game was already shown on March 30 (not May 30)

    You can still watch the recording at any time here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/14385794

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