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Middlebury takes on Harvard in a pre-season warm up game at Middlebury. In the spring the MCRC made the trip to Harvard and lost on a muddy field 12-20. Harvard returns the favor this time and will travel to the home of the BLUE on what should be a beautiful sunny day…perfect day for rugby.

MCRC merchandise will be on sale–A side game at 1 PM followed by B side at 2:30 PM–bring your friends and families!

This game could feature a two faces to The MCRC side: South African freshman Cameron Wilson ’14 and London boy Devin Risinger ’14. This game also sees the return of 4 former Middlebury A side players from abroad: Drew “Mouse Jr.” Harazimowicz ’11 in the second row, Zach Bills ’11 in the back row, scrum half Michael Hodge ’11 and center Ben Cmejla ’11.

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