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After a heartbreaking 4 point loss to Miami of Ohio in the round of 16, Middlebury will need to pick themselves up and get ready for a big game today against a tournament favorite Cal Maritime. Cal Maritime were beaten by NC State 17 – 28 in their sweet 16 game. Despite being knocked out of the competition both teams will be looking to come away from this weekend with a win so should be giving their all today…and the game is not for nothing – the winner will earn their region better seeding in next year’s competition; that being said the bigger incentive is likely to be some good old fashioned pride and after their sterling second half near comeback in yesterday’s game Middlebury has shown they have that in abundance.

Kick-off is at 10 AM EST and the game is being streamed live at http://www.ustream.tv/USARugbyIII

Likely Line-up: Pappa, Powers, Vandergrift, Hinckley, N. Kelner, Harrison, R. Kelner, Dauner, Berriman, Sirkia, Withers, Durfee, Leanos, Campanella, Stafford

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