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The highlight of The MCRC social calendar: the fall banquet took place on December 5th at the Kirk Alumni Center with over 100 attendees: the 50 plus members of the club in suit & tie and their bevy of beautiful dates, dressed to impress.  The MCRC was also delighted to have alumni Daniel Chow ’09, Max Ryan Levine ’09 and Professor Miguel Fernandez ’85 (rugby adviser) in attendance.  Thanks also to Mike McKenna (rugby adviser) for sending his thoughts to the team via Miguel.

As is tradition the following player awards were announced that evening (note that player awards cover the calendar year 2009):

Rookie of the Year: Brian Sirkia ’12.5
Most Improved Player: Geoff Kalan ’12.5
Most Valuable Player: Eddie “Laser” Cahill ’09.5

This evening also gave the club an opportunity to bid farewell to our graduating super-seniors: Ed Cahill (wing & backs captain), Chris Mutty (hooker, prop & forwards captain) and Brett “The Wolverine” Woelber (hooker).  Special mention must be made of the incredible speech Brett delivered at the banquet.  He artistically painted a caricatured tableau of several members of the club,  weaving together brilliant humor, reminiscent of the legendary Connor Keeshan ’08.5, and true appreciation of the men he now calls brothers – well played Brett.  The MCRC wishes these gentlemen the best of luck with life after Middlebury and thanks them deeply for their dedication to this program (enjoy your final J-term boys!)

With Chris and Eddie both graduating the club needed to go about the business of selecting new captains, which has become a sophisticated 3 stage process developed by the club in the fall of 2009.  Several outstanding candidates were nominated, interviewed and discussed – what an absolute pleasure it will be having all involved leading this club – what an absolute honor to lead The MCRC this coming spring as they make another national championship run:

Forwards Captain (Spring 2010): Rowan Hall Kelner ’12
Backs Captain (Spring 2010): Brian Sirkia ’12.5

Congratulations to Brian and Rowan on becoming the youngest captains of The MCRC in recent history (potentially ever!)  The big man Blake Hinckley ’10 continues to serve as club president.  Lead us well gentlemen!

2 Responses to “End of Year Banquet: Player Awards & New Captains Announced”

  1. bogo says:

    congrats awards winners and new captains.
    good luck in spring 2010.
    nationals time… bring home the bacon.

  2. Whitey says:

    i thought max’s middle name was mordechai

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