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One of the two UMass-Amherst’s field is unplayable so kick-off is being delayed till 1:30 PM (after the DI women’s collegiate Northeast final).

The 3rd installment in the Vermont teams’ rugby saga: once again Middlebury will play their northern neighbors UVM in this 2009 – 2010 DII men’s collegiate rugby calendar.  Middlebury has won both of the last 2 encounters by close margins: 20 – 14 in their regular season game and 16 – 10 in the New England Championship Semifinal – both games were played at Middlebury. This game will be for the Northeast Championship, one of the 3 titles Middlebury picked up last year.  Having already lost the New England Championship to UMass-Amherst, Middlebury will be eager to add some silverware to their cupboard before going onto the national tournament.  Both teams have already qualified for the the national championship “sweet 16s” in the spring but the winner of this game will earn the higher seed and, theoretically, the “easier” road to the national championship (but seedings are often proved wrong especially at the national level).  The weather is set to be warmer and drier than it was yesterday, which will allow for some better flowing rubgy but the field is likely to still be muddy, saturated and pretty torn up after the rain and games yesterday.  Kick-off is at 1:30 PM EST.

UMass-Amherst will play Stony Brook in a 3rd place play-off at 10 AM – this game is crucial for both sides as the winner will earn the 3rd northeast spot in the national championship “sweet 16″.

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