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In the New England Championship Final Middlebury lost to UMass by 34 points to 3.

UMass scores early in the first half and shows absolute dominance in the scrum, which continued throughout the game – the Midd pack were only able to win 1 or 2 of their own scrums let alone compete on UMass’ scrums.  Middlebury responds with a penalty kick and with less than a minute left in the second half the score is 3 – 5 to UMass – anyone’s game…but the Middlebury defense falls asleep in the dying seconds of the half and lets a fast UMass backline run from one end of the field to the other and then use their powerful forwards to punch home the converted try: 3 – 10 at halftime.  That late 1st half try swung the control of the game wholly in UMass’ favor.

Poor tackling from Middlebury in the second half and strong running from the UMass team saw the floodgates open and Middlebury struggled to stay in the game.  The Middlebury players fought all game and despite the loss their are some positives to take away…many lessons to learn.

As difficult as this loss is The MCRC has to move on and move on quickly as they will be playing a knock-out game this coming Saturday in the North East Quarterfinal against Hamilton followed by the North East Semis & Finals the following weekend.  A loss this coming Saturday will be the end to their season and goodbye to a 4th consecutive Nationals run in the Spring – the next two weeks will be a true test of Middlebury’s character.

Line-up: Pappa, Woelber (Damberg-Ott), Vandergrift, AC Jones, Hinckley (Caswell), Powers, Mutty (c) (Winter), Burleigh (Dauner), Whitaker (Hodge), Sirkia, Cahill (c), Meany, Cmejla, Withers (Harrison), Kalan

7 Responses to “The MCRC 3 – 34 UMass-Amherst”

  1. bogo says:

    Tough loss guys. Keep it up and NRUs will be time for redemption.

  2. Meany says:

    Men’s Division 2 (Top 3 advance to USA Championships)

    1. UMass – Amherst (NERFU #1)
    2. Middlebury College (NERFU #2)
    3. Stony Brook (Met #1)
    4. Buffalo State (NYS #1)
    5. University of Vermont (NERFU #3)
    6. Boston University (NERFU #4)
    7. Hamilton College (NYS #2)
    8. Met #2

  3. bill says:

    Pretty bogus to lose just to stick it to UVM. I hope this backfires.

  4. Daniel Chow says:

    Bill, who are you and what are you talking about?

  5. Israel says:

    This is an awful shame but Bill, you are wrong. Midd doesn’t throw games. With all the injuries and drama facing the team right now we just lost fair and square. It was embarrassing, but they need to keep their heads about them and get ready for another battle this weekend and live to fight another day. The old boys are pulling for them.

  6. Bill says:

    My bad. I apologize.

  7. Steve says:

    The Middlebury team I saw demolish sides earlier in the season would have had a tough time against U Mass Amherst Sunday. They were bigger and stronger in every position and actually knew how to use their advantage tactically. Middlebury thrive on speed in the backs and they never saw the ball the whole game. The tackling was great and Middlebury never gave up.

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