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Not that the result was ever in question (at least not in the minds of the alums): the Middlebury alumni team, The Legends, beat a resilient Middlebury B side on Saturday, October 17 after the Williams games.  Final score was 22 – 0 with tries scored by Dom Coulson ’94, Matt Volz ’07 and Muchadei Zvoma ’07, 2 conversions and 1 drop goal by Craig “Sparta” Wilson ’07.5.  Huge thanks to the Killer B’s for giving the old boys a great game (and for putting up with the cavalier attitudes of the younger alumni).

The highlight play of the game produced the first points: an outlandish drop goal by Craig “Sparta” Wilson ’07.5 – the infamous “Joe Bergan” lives on.  The Alumni team had quickly worked their way into the Killer B’s 22 after having kicked off and won a scrum within striking range.  With pace (and arrogance) to spare in the alumni backline the students must have expected the old men to run the ball wide – clearly they did not take the arrogance fully into consideration: 9 man Robinson ’85 makes the open side pass to Silverman ’09 at fly-half, Silverman dummies the open pass and swings it back inside to fullback Wilson behind the scrum – Wilson drills the drop goal home and may need to change his last name to Wilkinson (Johnny that is)!

The chips were stacked against the students after having played a game against Williams and with their A side players sitting this game out – with playoffs coming up and much tougher competition ahead, The Blue are looking to be at as close to 100% as possible – losing to a hard hitting, fast running, out-of-shape but not out-of-tricks Alumni team could have been simultaneously insulting and injurious for the A-side.  Important to note that this did not stop numerous A side players, led by Geoff Kalan ’12.5, from joining in the pride filled banter leading up to and running through this annual tradition – comedy & competition all round!  Adding controversy to the calamity the alumni team recruited injured senior and out-and-out rugby machine, Anthony “The Destroyer of Worlds” Manyuru, to play wing on their team – audaciously claiming that Anthony had earned alumni status since his injuries did not allow him to play competitively anymore.

Notable alumni moments included (but were not limited to):

  • Heavyweight prop Sean Meany ’08 sporting the smallest shorts possible
  • 9 man Jim Robinson ’84 continually going blind side and adding the professional dive to the pass
  • Andrew Peters ’09 almost scoring in the corner but rather choosing to run a little too long
  • Quebecois Dom Coulson ’94 making it look easy – probably the fittest man on the field – great try
  • John Moretti ’95 throwing a spin move to cut back inside on the bewildered B side defense and picking up a shiner at some point during the game
  • Craig “Sparta” Wilson ’07.5 still not passing the ball after breaking several tackles
  • Jason Jude ’08 still wearing the gloves
  • Matt Volz ’07 high stepping home the first try of the game
  • Caleb “Big Baby” Consenstein ’06 playing 5 minutes for the students team – causing some nervous moments for his fellow alumni
  • Trey Stewart ’09 handing off seven people including his own teammates at the same time
  • Muchadei Zvoma ’07 making the break and passing to no one on his right despite the 2 man overlap available to him
  • Max Levine ’09 and his trickery turning it into a 7′s style running and passing game in the second half
  • Kevin O’Brien (Forwards Coach) showing versatility by joining the backline plays

Alumni Line-up: Sean Meany ’08, Jason Jude ’08, Israel Carr ’09 (Kevin O’Brien), Dom Coulson ’94, Jon Seamans ’83, Sam Tormey ’09, Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim ’96, Trey Stewart ’09 (Caleb Consenstein ’06), Jim Robinson ’84 (Matt Volz ’07), Ari Silverman ’09, , Muchadei Zvoma ’07, Max Levine ’09, Anthony Manyuru ’10 (John Moretti ’95), Craig Wilson ’07.5

Alumni on the Side Line: Chris “Gusto” Davis ’72, Greg Howard ’82, Miguel Ferandez ’85, Dan Chow ’09, Luke Yoquinto ’08, Alan Lim ’09, James Manyuru ’07

4 Responses to ““Back in My Day” – The Legends Win in Alumni Game!”

  1. bogo says:

    way to go alums.
    sorry i couldnt be there.

  2. Miguel Fernandez says:

    Other alumni on the sideline: Chris “Gusto” Davis ’72, Greg Howard ’82, Miguel Fernandez ’85

  3. The MCRC says:

    Apologies for the omission Miguel and thanks for the reminder – info is now updated!

  4. Douglas A. Rich '81.5 says:

    THE Jim Robinson – No way! It must be his son or grandson. Playing against lads almost 30 years his junior!?! Jim wasn’t usually horizontal during our matches, but he was a precision passer. Shorts off to you, James; you might have inspired me to find a club where I can donate blood. Greg and Miguel, I trust the years have treated you well if you’re still stout enough to watch boys get clobbered by men.

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