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6 Responses to “The MCRC Alumni & Supporter Weekend 2009: Oct 16 – 18”

  1. Christopher Davis says:

    I’m the ref that day as well!! (Gusto)

  2. Daniel Chow says:

    Can’t play in the game (bad knee), but I’m pumped to see everyone.

  3. John Wellington says:

    Anyone in the Westchester NY area who wants to go just for the Saturday, let me know. I’m flying up for the day out of White Plains Airport.

  4. Jon Seamans says:

    Let’s see a good showing of 80′s ruggers! I’m flying in from Arizona, so I’d love to see many of you old boys. I’m playing and hopefully you will too. I don’t want to be the oldest one out there….

  5. meany says:

    Midd Ruggers Beware… Ive been training for this alumni game for 5 weeks. Running 5 miles a day and am down to an average of only 23 creamsicles a week. Took me 3 minutes but i got my 36” shorts on.

  6. Wow what an awesome Rugby Team. You guys look like a strong side this season… I look forward to the games.

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