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Due to the restructuring of NERFU following the breakaway of the Ivys to form an Ivy league, The MCRC will not have a regular season game coming weekend (October 3rd).   However, we will be playing Division I side UConn as we aim to keep the team firing on all cylinders and to work some new combinations.  Please note that the A side kick-off time is 2:30 PM (not 1 PM as previously advertised).  UConn is coached by former Middlebury coach Ward Patterson and this should be an interesting contest as the two teams have never met before.  Lots of changes to the Middlebury line-up  with several players out through injury and other commitments.

The MCRC “A” Squad: (see below)

The MCRC “A” Squad: Mutty ’09.5 (c), Woelber ’09.5, Vandergrift ’11, Daubert ’12.5, Crawford Jones ’12.5 (1st start), N. Kelner ’12 (1st start), Berriman ’12, R. Kelner ’12, Song ’13, Sirkia ’12.5, Cahill ’09.5 (c), Meany ’11 (1st start),  Hurley ’11, Harrison ’11, Kalan ’12.5, Danner ’10, Pappa ’11, Caswell ’10 (1st naming), Powers ’11, Damberg-Ott ’12.5 (1st naming),  Hodge ’11, Mugo ’12, Leanos ’10, Campanella ’12

3 Responses to “Game Preview: The MCRC vs. UConn – 2:30 PM”

  1. Whitey says:

    players out for other commitments? what the hell

  2. Whitey says:

    but it doesn’t matter what 15 you step out there with – all are part of the MCRC and will bring hell

  3. bogo says:

    Whitey, they do go to a top 5 liberal arts school.
    Remember those commitments?
    Nah, me neither.

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