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Congratulations to The MCRC class of 2009 on completing their tenure at Middlebury College.  Your time here has included an unprecedented 4 New England Championships, 1 North East Championship and 2 National Championships – more importantly your time here included the fostering of a brotherhood and friendships that will last you the rest of your lives…and what glorious lives they shall be, gentlemen!  Please join me in welcoming the newest members of The MCRC alumni network (pictured above in their favorite “suns out guns out” pose after their national championship quarterfinal win over University of South Florida):

Alan Lim; Spencer Paddock; Israel Carr; Nicholas Wooster Fager; Max R. Levine; Ari Silverman; Alex White; Robert Gosney; William Terry Stewart III; Daniel Raymond Chow; Scott Gratton; Sam Tormey; Graham Majorhart (not pictured)

Special thanks go to our trainer Jeff Stern who also just graduated.  Jeff dedicated his time and skills to our boys – he was there at every practice, every game, even flying cross country with us to ensure we could compete at the highest level – without Jeff the success of these past four years would not have been possible.

On a beautiful, sunny Sunday, May 23, 2009 this fine group of men became Bachelors of the Arts and said goodbye to the Middlebury bubble.

Finally, pictured above but not graduating just yet are our febs, the class of 2009.5 with whom we shall be enjoying one more fall season: Chris Mutty, Ed Cahill and Brett Woelber.  Other “super seniors” not pictured above but with us this coming fall include our resident Scandinavian Carl Sebastian Paulsson.

2 Responses to “Welcome to our newest MCRC alumni!”

  1. Rowan Kelner '12 says:


    Thank you boys for being the best. You have set this club on a road to continued success. Rest assured that we will keep the MCRC on that track. Lastly, stay fit. There will be no mercy at the alumni game.


  2. Blake Hinckley says:

    Congratulations again guys. A National Championship, let alone two championships in three years, has never been achieved before. Your class, dedication, skill, and friendship are of the highest order. We will carry your tradition into the future.


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