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Check out the eRugbyNews article highlighting Middlebury’s qualification for the Div II men’s final four.  Dynamic winger, Ed Cahill ’09 is pictured (and yes tackling players in the air is illegal, though this hit on Eddie was called a “50-50″ ball).  Comments from an interview with forwards captain Trey Stewart ’09 are also included – my favorite quote from the 8th man:

As a team we don’t have guys who stand out, we’re a rugby team,” [Stewart] said. “We’re very unselfish with the ball, we hit the guys that are open, we’re always looking for the space and the guy who is in space. It doesn’t matter who it is, because everyone on our team has skills and works hard.” [April 20, 2009 - eRugbyNews.com]

Way to sum up the MCRC Trey!  The full article is available here.

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