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Sunday, April 19 at 11:30 AM, the #3 seed MCRC takes on #6 seed University of South Floridain the Division II National Championship Quarterfinal.

Captain Max Levine ’09 returns to the starting line-up as does hooker Chris Mutty ’09.5; freshman Rowan Kelner is back in the fray (on the bench for this game) after a shoulder injury kept him sidelined.  8th man William Trey Stewart III ‘09 leads the forwards.

Starting Lineup: Carr, Mutty, Vandergrift, Tormey, Chow, Bills, Berriman, Stewart (c), Sirkia, Fager, Cahill, Silverman, Levine (c), Paddock, Leanos
Bench: Gosney, Pappa, Harasimowicz, Marshall, Kelner, Harrison, Kalan

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