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by Suzann Stewart P’09 and Bill Yoquinto P”08

In 2007 when the boys played in Lake Mary, Florida, there was an evangelical church group also staying at the hotel. In fact, they prayed for our “hijos”. Walking in the hall one day Bill Yoquinto found a guitar pick on the ground imprinted with what looked like a religious symbol on it. Never one to mess with any kind of mojo, feeling like he had been pre-selected to find the pick because of his interest and love of music as well, he kept it in his pocket during the rest of the run to the championship. And yes, MCRC became the National Champions for 2007! Hmmmm…

Now, Bill, mindful of the mojo, had the pick with him in Albuquerque last year. So, there could be some question raised concerning the talismanic qualities of the item, since MCRC did not advance in 2008. But then again, they did go farther than we could have realistically expected amidst significant adversity. Also, anyone in attendance at the shrimp boil with Coast Guard, would have to concede that there was something special in the west. Hmmmm…

Following the Albuquerque game, and knowing Luke was graduating in May 2008, Bill felt the obligation to pass the pick. And, since there seemed to be some musical requirement in the selection process for the new “keeper of the pick”, he looked around for a parent who could sometimes carry a tune if only in a bucket, could play a scale with two fingers or more, or tune an instrument within a flat or sharp of being correct. His choice: Suzann Stewart, AKA ex-music teacher.

Suzann has carried the pick ever since, through the fall games of 08 and an undefeated season, the first NERFU Championship for Middlebury won at West Point, and now on to the semi finals for the USA Rugby Men’s D-II Championship in Lake Mary, Florida. Another Hmmmm…

With the graduation of Trey in 2009, it will be time to “pass the pick” once more to a deserving parent. We’re looking for likely parent candidates, so if you are interested in preserving the tradition and have a somewhat musical bent, let us know. It’s a heavy burden, but someone must carry on. We gotta keep the mojo and the music flowing!

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  1. Love this story! Keep the mojo going!

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