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Ronald D. Liebowitz was appointed as the 16th president of Middlebury College in April 2004. A faculty member in the department of geography since 1984, he served as provost and executive vice president of the College from 1997 until his appointment as president. From 1993-95, he was dean of the faculty, and from 1995-97, he was vice president of the College. From February to June 2002, Liebowitz served as acting president. Full bio.

Vonnie Carratura

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Hello.This post was extremely motivating, particularly since I was searching for thoughts on this issue last Thursday.

All because you DID NOT have the Common Sense, Respect, Strength and Courage to stand up for the 3,000 INNOCENT VICTIMS of 9/11 and the students who in fact placed the Memorial. By NOT taking and making an example of the vile way the 9/11 memorial was treated by a few mentally challenged students in your college says a lot about your beliefs toward the respectful students that in fact did remember the victims, people around your community and everybody that lives in the US.
It is now all over the internet about you doing nothing and I heard it was on a show called the O’Reilly Factor, which somebody says is the most popular cable news show for the past 10 years, meaning millions upon millions of people now know what you DIDN’T do and who you are.
I have seen this about a dozen times on the news and the people in your position that do nothing about disgusting things like this to disgrace 9/11 victims or stand up for innocent people when you can always seem to get hurt one way or another by people who take it to far.
You should do something with those students before some wacko tries to make a horrible wrong into a horrible right by THEIR thinking, by doing something stupid to you.
I am just letting you know to think that way now, do to what has already been done. Be careful now and hopefully you will do something to those students before some idiot takes it to far against you or anybody around you.
Your a president of a College for crying out load, you need to start acting like one and take moral charge of it, because you are now under a spot light.
This is why I kinda hate social media because if somebody makes a mistake EVERYBODY seems to know about it so fast. We’ll I did my good deed for the week. Be careful and have a good day.

A Concerned Observer,
Darrell Streit

Will the president of the college show any balls and punish any student involved
in this despicable act! Are only anti liberal causes punished by academia? I hope donators to the college express their displeasure with their wallets.

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