If you can’t drop by….

During office hours this summer, I was visited quite often by Language School students and faculty, but also by staff who work year-round at the College and by students who were on campus to work or to do research with Middlebury faculty.

The students who dropped by said they never seem to be able to stop by during office hours during the academic year, and felt that many other students can not as well.  I told them I would try to vary my office hours this coming year, which they thought was a good idea.  They also suggested I specifically ask students, via the blog, to send along “big” issues or items of concern that they would like me and/or my fellow administrators to “look into/engage/address.”  They emphasized big issues and ones that seem possible and not, for example, something like, “can you consider ways to make the winters shorter?  I am of course most interested in issues related to your educational experience here at the College.

So, in that spirit, and because I am interested in hearing what students think needs special attention, I encourage students to let me know.  Please send your thoughts along.

If this works, I will encourage staff and faculty to do the same.



I appreciate that you are open to student suggestions. Having been a student before and currently, it is frustrating when professors or instructors aren’t interested in a student’s opinion at all. Flexible office hours are also helpful.

Nice way of reaching out for student feedback.

For every person who speaks up, or out (whether face-to-face, or online), there are at least 10 other people who think / feel the same way – but have just not taken the same means to make their voice heard.

My 2 cents!

– Randy

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