Breakfast venues for 2009-10…

I have a guest post on MiddBlog, asking students if we should change the College’s planned breakfast venues next year so that Atwater Dining could offer a continental breakfast.

Students: if you are interested in weighing in, please go to Middblog.



What would it cost, in relation to current cuts – financial aid offerings, employees, green house carbon off sets? If the plan as discussed and originally presented and adopted by you Ron was to achieve savings in the budget to keep Middlebury viable than any savings that this part of the plan provided needs to be “made up” or recovered from some other part of the budget. Will this mean one less Faculty position hired or pushed back farther than already pushed back? Will this mean Athletics facilities are closed more often? Will this mean no OJ at the dining halls? Or perhaps because it may affect student life and not any academic mission to the college, it will reduce the “social life” spending budget available to students for large event planning.

From my perspective every decision has a cost and I understood that that was the motivating factor of making these types of “sacrifices.” Has this perspective and cultural shift changed?

Ronald Liebowitz

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Micheal: as I understand it, this option would be budget neutral because of the existing staffing needed for the language tables in Atwater.

I will check however to see what the incremental costs of having a continental breakfast is.


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