The Green Chicken for the Blue and White

Congratulations to the Middlebury College students who won this year’s annual “Green Chicken” competition against Williams College last week.

During the same weekend when the Middlebury varsity men’s soccer team and women’s field hockey team defeated their Eph counterparts, and our women’s soccer team lost a tough match (1-0)¬†against Williams’ top-ranked D-III team in the nation, our team of math students won back the Green Chicken in a closely contested competition by the score of 293-288. The win snapped a Williams five-year win streak, and returned the highly prized green chicken casserole dish to Middlebury for at least one year.

The Boston Globe ran a piece on this rather unique and, I might add, not-yet-an-NCAA sponsored competition, on October 13. Have a read.

Kudos to the Panther’s top scorers, Victor Larsen, Ying (Daisy) Zhuo, Shengen Zhai, and Chaoyi Chai, and to other members of the victorious team: Danny Crow, Angelo Fu, David Fouhey, Armaan Sarkar, Kim Ammons, Chester Curme, Nicole Hansen, Jia (Coco) Liu, Casey McGowan, Stephen Jewell, Jeff Leitch, and Gavin Bauer.

If only Williams had a geography program, I would propose an appropriate competition that captured all the positive things the Green Chicken competition generates for our two institutions’ mathematically inclined students. Any other ideas?

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