The Global Financial Situation and Middlebury

There is little I can add to all that has been written during the past month about the current turmoil in the financial markets around the world.  I thought it might be useful to post the two memos I sent to the campus (on September 8 and October 8), the latter of which includes a “questions and answers” sheet about the financial downturn and how it relates to the College.

With new developments surfacing frequently, I plan to update the campus community, as necessary, as we monitor the impact of the financial crisis on the College.  I have also included a link to an online suggestion box the College has set up to solicit ideas for reducing costs in response to current economic conditions:

As I wrote in my memo, we approach the financial challenges from a position of relative strength.  At the same time, we will need the collaboration of our on- and off-campus communities to meet those challenges most effectively.  I look forward to hearing what you think. Leave a comment here, or use the suggestion box.

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