The page is currently under construction and will be updated during the 2017 Spring semester.

  • Q&A (Queers and Allies) is an organization for students of all genders and sexualities. Its primary goals are to create a supportive and fun social community, as well as raise awareness and create dialogue on LGBTQ issues and the multiple identities that intersect with them. Visit the Q&A Facebook page and join on Middlink.
  • This Facebook group provides a forum for current and past members of Middlebury’s LGBTQ community groups, LGBTQ alumni, allies, and interested faculty and staff.
  • The Parton Center for Health and Wellness provides counseling and health services to Middlebury students, including STI testing. And while all of their counselors excel at their work, Counseling Director Ximena Mejia’s “counseling interests focus around the matrices of cultural identity, ethnicity, race, gender, class, and sexuality issues.”
  • Gay and Lesbian Employees at Middlebury (GLEAM) is an informal social and resource group for faculty and staff employees of Middlebury College. GLEAM’s mission is to promote understanding and acceptance of all LGBTQ members of the Middlebury Community.
  • Outright Vermont is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQQ) youth center and state-wide advocacy organization. Outright’s mission is to build safe, healthy, and supportive environments for LGBTQQ youth (ages 13-22). Their goal is to make Vermont the safest and most supportive state for queer youth in the United States.
  • RU12? Community Center is the largest LGBTQ organization in Vermont, and the only LGBTQ community center in the state. Based in Winooski, RU12? celebrates, educates, and advocates with and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Vermonters with programs throughout the state.

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