Course Offerings

P&P offers Gateway, Foundations and Electives courses from a wide array of offerings across the disciplines at Middlebury.

Students may request that the Academic Director count a course that does not appear on this list. Courses taken to satisfy a major or minor may also count among the classes contributing to the Academic Cluster. Of the courses you choose to complete the Cluster program, classes should represent at least three distinct academic disciplines (e.g., history, sociology, philosophy).

Note: This list is subject to change.  Not all courses will be available every year or to every student; some courses may be restricted to majors and/or have prerequisites. If you have questions regarding a particular course, please contact the instructor or sponsoring department.  Some courses not included below (e.g., Winter Term courses) may count toward the P&P elective; please see the Academic Director for permission to substitute. You can explore Privilege & Poverty electives from previous semesters here.

The following courses are being offered during the 2019-2020 academic year:

Fall 2019:

Gateway Course

SOCI 0240 Inequality and the American Dream

Foundations Courses

EDST 0115 Education in the USA
ENVS 0215 Contested Grounds: U.S. Cultures and Environments
GEOG 0208 Land and Livelihoods – From Local to Global
GEOG 0216 Rural Geography
INTD 0257 Global Health
INTD 0380 Hunger/Food/Sovereignty
LNGT 0102 Introduction to Sociolinguistics

PHIL 0156 Contemporary Moral Issues
SOCI 0215 Sociology of Education

Elective Courses

AMST 0234 American Consumer Culture
CHNS 0425 Contemporary Social Issues in China: Advanced Readings (in Chinese)
ECON 0401 Poverty, Inequality and Distributive Justice
ECON 0453 Historical Development of the World Economy
EDST 0215 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
ENVS 0208 Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene
FMMC 0333 Filmmaking For Change
GSFS 0200 Feminist Foundations
GSFS 0209 Gender Health Environment
HIST 0326 History of US Radicalism
INTD 0235 Social Entrepreneurship and Global Health
PSCI 0202 African Politics
PSCI 0221 Contemporary Chinese Politics
PSCI 0335 Latin American Revolutions

RELI 0271 Death in Latin America
SOCI 0274 Global Migration
SOCI 0288 Deviance and Social Control
SPAN 0314 Student Activism in Latin America
WRPR 0205 Race, Rhetoric, and Protest

The Capstone course is currently offered in the Spring semester only.