Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster at Middlebury is a curricular initiative that brings together faculty, students, and staff interested in studying economic inequality—its causes, its effects on human communities and the environment, and even the language with which we talk about the “privileged” and the “poor.” The Cluster is not a formal major or minor, but it is a program with coherence, relevance, and intellectual depth that complements any other major course of study. Participating faculty include a range of professors from across academic disciplines so that students study specific interests with depth, breadth, and connection.

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Participating students also will have opportunities to combine theory and practice, insofar as their work with partnering organizations will directly address community-identified needs and help create a positive impact. Taking advantage of an abundance of resources and expertise, at the College and in our community relationships, we are cultivating skills, knowledge, capacities, and moral sensitivities essential to the address of this social problem.