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Who Really Won New Hampshire, and Why

The on-site comments* to my post yesterday for the U.S. News “debate club” remind me that perhaps the biggest story coming out of the New Hampshire primary was not Romney’s decisive win – it was Ron Paul’s unexpectedly strong second-place … Continue reading

Why Mitt Romney Is A Weak Candidate

There is a growing consensus among the talking heads that with his victory in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney is on the fast track to win the Republican nomination.  That sentiment, judging by comments from Tom, Paul and others last night, … Continue reading

What To Look For Tonight In New Hampshire

Polls close in the remaining New Hampshire towns within an hour, at which point we will begin seeing results begin coming in.  Here’s how to interpret the results by location.  Romney, as you might expect, must do well in the … Continue reading

By How Much Must Romney Win To Really Win?

There are two contests on tap tonight. The first is the race to win votes in the New Hampshire primary, and with those votes earn all-important delegates.  To be sure, there are only 12 delegates at stake (New Hampshire’s total … Continue reading

Huntsman in Dead Heat With Romney in New Hampshire!

That’s based on the early voting from Dixville Notch.  I always wanted to do that. In fact, Romney is going to win this. But maybe by not enough. The last three polls before tomorrow’s (actually – today’s!)  New Hampshire primary … Continue reading