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Surprise (Not)! They Have A Deal (Probably)!

Wow, and in the nick of time!  Who could have predicted it! ;~) If press accounts (see here and here)  can be believed, Boehner, McConnell and the  President are on the cusp of forging a budget agreement almost precisely along … Continue reading

24 Hours – Where’s Jack Bauer When You Need Him?

If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The House is now voting on a version of the Reid debt reduction proposal even though Reid doesn’t even have the votes to bring it to the floor in the Senate as … Continue reading

My Ox Was Gored, the Veto Threat and Other Developments

As Speaker Boehner and the Republican House leadership struggle this morning to lock down the votes needed to pass the Republican debt limit bill, there were a couple of other developments. First, the President gave a brief statement this morning … Continue reading

Does Boehner Have the Votes? A Look at the Holdouts

With last-minute news reports suggesting that Speaker Boehner does not yet have the votes to pass his deficit reduction bill in the House, I thought it might be worth looking more closely at who the potential Republican “no” votes are.  … Continue reading

Boehner to the President: Do You Two-Step?

With the August 2 default deadline a week away, President Obama will go on national television tonight, against the backdrop of dueling partisan plans to solve the debt impasse.  Presumably Obama will try to position himself above the political fray … Continue reading