1. I find it fascinating that Donald Trump is speaking in such a weak and low voice. Sounds like a whisper!! No yelling tonight?! No interruptions? It’s a new Donald.

  2. He’s trying to appear temperamentally suited as president – that is, in control of his emotions.

  3. Some interesting debate floor tactics here–Trump looking straight at Hillary as he answers her question, pacing while she speaks, Hillary and Trump allowing each other to go first…

  4. Early guess is that media will give tepid win to Trump–claim that Hillary was unable to capitalize. Her politeness and unwillingness to barge in seemed to hurt her.

  5. Yes, that’s my take as well. But what about the physical mannerisms – did his stalking her on stage hurt him?

  6. CNN hasn’t seemed to bring it up yet in post-debate coverage, and I haven’t seen anything yet in quick survey of newspapers in swing states or major national papers. Not much on twitter either.

  7. Now Begala hits on Trump’s infighting with moderators and Trump’s stalking. No follow up on those comments.

  8. I thought, based on twitter, that the “stalking” by Trump might become a Democratic talking point.

  9. As you note, big media talking point seems to be Trump’s threat to throw Clinton in jail. Tapper and Gloria Borger suggesting this could be a big gaffe.

  10. Lots of talk, too, about rallying the Republican base, but not expanding support. But of course, that’s what debates typically do!

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