Live Blogging The Third Presidential Debate

8:40 Welcome all to another installment of Live Blogging The Presidential Debate!   I hope you can join in- we set a record for participation and visits on this blog during the last debate, and I hope we can break it tonight.  And this gives me an opportunity to remind viewers that if they want to get on the distribution list for the regular posts here, just shoot me an email at  And tonight, I promise (Anna are you listening?) that we will be employing the new live blogging software so – in theory – you don’t need to refresh your screen to catch the latest comments.


  1. Well, would undecideds turn on foreign policy? Are they so undecided that the economy wouldn’t be the deciding factor?

  2. Matt – Bain…probably Obama’s best “tactical weapon” not used!! Anybody aware of Bain’s modus operandi might not be surprised but it should have at least been brought to light for those who didn’t understand Romney’s role in the displacement of so many jobs over his time at the helm.

  3. Regarding the twitterverse, same as always – Dems were enamoured with Obama and saw it as a hands down defeat.
    As for Republicans, well, I don’t really follow them on twitter, but I would put money on the flip for them.
    Most likely both sides cited Obama’s aggressiveness as the deciding factor in each camp’s ‘win.’

  4. If you had been on a desert island for twenty years and watched tonight, who would you guess was the President of the United States and who the challenger?

    I rest my case.

  5. Hmm…can’t quite agree with the authors commentary. I thought romney looked like a sweaty dick nixon and sounded like a babbling empty-headed sarah palin. Not presidential, not principled – completely spineless.

  6. Still amazed at how conservatives can’t ever admit defeat in any debate.

    Romney clearly won the first debate and liberals agreed. Obama won this 3rd debate and conservatives squirm and say it was maybe a tie.

    Why not objectively say “I prefer Romney as Prez but he lost this debate” ?

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