Monthly Archives: September 2012

Early Voting, National Polls, Bachmann, Biden and…er….Hard Wood

Here’s what’s happening in the presidential race: First, within the next two days, half of all states will see residents begin casting their presidential ballot, through some combination of either early or absentee voting provisions. In 32 states and the … Continue reading

Rumors of Mitt’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

I know. I know. “Where have you been?!”   I appreciate the email inquiries.  The short answer is I’ve been trapped in my office, fending off an onslaught of students.  Such is the life of a departmental chair at a nationally-ranked … Continue reading

Things That Go Bump In The Race

I’ll be doing much shorter posts for the next several days as I begin a new semester of teaching, as well as taking on additional duties as departmental chair.   Once the new schedule settles down, I’ll try to resume the … Continue reading

Live Blogging the President’s Convention Speech

Alright, I’ve been asked to live blog the President’s speech.  Hopefully it will be received better than last night’s blog about Clinton! As always, join in (that means you, students, who are at loose ends on campus!) It’s pretty clear … Continue reading

The DNC, True Lies And The Twitterverse

My unscientific sampling of the twitterverse tweets during the Democratic National Convention’s first two nights of speechifying revealed what seemed like a distinctly lower frequency of instant fact-correcting than what I observed during the Republican convention.  That may be because … Continue reading