Monthly Archives: March 2012

Live Blogging the Illinois Primary

I’m knee-deep in grading and other tasks related to my day job, so I’m not doing a continuous live blog of the Illinois results tonight.  In part, that’s because the polling suggested Mitt should take this, and exit polls, which … Continue reading

Should Newt Stay, Or Should He Go? It’s Complicated

With two second place finishes in Mississippi and Alabama last Tuesday casting doubt on Newt Gingrich’s southern strategy for winning the Republican presidential nomination, Newt once again is feeling pressure from social conservatives to drop out of the race – … Continue reading

“You Lie!”: Assessing Claims About Obamacare’s Cost

Three days ago the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)  released its latest 10-year projection for the cost of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), prompting a flurry of  “I told you so’s” from Republican Party leaders, conservative bloggers and other … Continue reading

Live Blogging the True Grit Faceoff

7: p.m. We are on a little early tonight, in order to give me some time to catch up on course reading during the live blogging session.  As always, I encourage you to join in through the comments section. Polls … Continue reading

Who Has True Grit (Besides Chuck Norris)?

There are dueling narratives occurring as the race moves to Alabama and Mississippi for tomorrow’s primaries.  The first is the media-driven one focusing on issues of momentum, contest victories and potentially game-changing “surprise” results.  In this narrative, tomorrow’s contests are … Continue reading