Monthly Archives: February 2012

Mitt’s Campaign: Heading to the Cadillac Ranch?

Charlie Cook became the latest prognosticator to acknowledge what I have been telling you for some time: that Mitt Romney is an exceedingly weak Republican frontrunner.  Noting Romney’s declining support among independents, Cook concludes his assessment of the Republican race … Continue reading

Live Blogging the Arizona Debate

We are on. Join in. As always, it’s fun to see who actually sings the national anthem. Newt never does.  Mitt always does. And they are true to form tonight – Mitt letting loose, while Newt is stonefaced. John King … Continue reading

It All Comes Down To Tonight

Put out the dog.  Get a sitter for the kids.  Heat up the popcorn, and ice down the beer.  Tonight’s CNN debate – the 20th of the campaign season – is slated to start in less than an hour.  And … Continue reading

Rest in Peace, Harry McPherson

Harry McPherson, who worked for Lyndon Johnson in both the Senate and as LBJ’s White House Special Counsel and speechwriter, died last Thursday at the age of 82.  McPherson got his start in Washington in 1956 working for the Democratic … Continue reading

On President’s Day We Salute the Guardian of the Presidency

As I have done every President’s Day since I began this blog in the late 1950′s, I post my traditional column commemorating the late, great Richard E. Neustadt.  Until his death in 2003 at the age of 84, Neustadt was … Continue reading