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Live Blogging the Florida Debate

Seems like we’ve done this once or twice, or 16 times before.  But here we are again….as always, join in on the comments section if you are so inclined. As I noted in the previous post, I have to think … Continue reading

Can Gingrich Beat Obama, and Has Santorum Lost His Head? Previewing Tonight’s Debate

The events keep coming.  Tonight is the first of two scheduled debates prior to  the Jan. 31 crucial (how often have I used that term before?) primary in Florida, and the first since Gingrich’s “surprise” (not to you!) victory in … Continue reading

What Really Happened in South Carolina, and What It Means For The Rest Of The Race

Did you hear that noise this morning?  It was the sound of heads in the punditocracy exploding in reaction to Newt Gingrich’s “surprise” win in South Carolina yesterday. The new – and wrong – post-South Carolina conventional wisdom is captured … Continue reading

Live Blogging South Carolina’s Election Returns

7:55 Early exit polls indicate that over 80% of voters say their vote was influenced by the debates.  That’s a strong sign this will be big night for Newt. More exit polls: more than 40% of voters made up their … Continue reading

Gingrich In A Rout? Polls and Predictions For South Carolina Tonight

Based on surveys taken before last Monday’s South Carolina debate, Mitt Romney led Newt Gingrich in the RealClearPolitics aggregate poll by a comfortable 10%, 32.3% to 22%, and seemed poised to sweep the first three events in this nominating process, … Continue reading