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The State of the Race in Florida, Post-Debate II

Two new Florida polls, one commissioned by SunshineState News, and the  second by Quinnipiac, came out today, and both show Romney leading Gingrich by identical 9% margins, 40-31% and 38-29%, respectively.   Both polls were conducted prior to last night’s debate.  … Continue reading

Live Blogging the Final Florida Debate

(Sorry about the typo-filled email – just predebate jitters…) It’s hard to underestimate just how important this debate is for both Mitt and Newt.  How big is it? It’s Tea Party versus Republican Party. Main St. vs. Wall St. Insurgency … Continue reading

Mitt Gains, Newt Complains: Previewing Tonight’s Florida Debate

As we get ready for tonight’s critical Republican debate, the polls in Florida are volatile, but the overall picture suggests Romney is gaining support while Gingrich stays flat. On Monday, an Insider Advantage poll had Gingrich up 34.4-25.6% over Romney.  … Continue reading

Live Blogging the State of the Union Address

Fine.  I don’t mind doing this as long as I get some participation!  So join in! I’m pouring the scotch now. So, I previewed this a bit earlier today.  The one point I want to reiterate is that the substance … Continue reading

The State Of The Race In Florida, Post-Debate (And The State Of The Union)

So many events, so little time.  Between the debates, primaries results, polls and now the State of the Union, I’m hard pressed to keep up with my day job.  But we soldier on, in the belief that these posts bring … Continue reading