Monthly Archives: August 2011

Straw Poll, Straw Results? Making Sense of Iowa

For presidency scholars like me, and for political junkies in general, today’s Republican straw poll in Ames, Iowa is the equivalent of the first preseason football game: the results don’t matter, but it is a reminder that the real games … Continue reading

The Republican Debate: He’s in Pawlenty of Trouble!

 Heading into tonight’s Republican debate in Ames, Iowa, the self-appointed arbiters of candidate viability had declared this a make-or-break opportunity for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.   According to the media pundits, Pawlenty was barely treading water in the viability pool, … Continue reading

What Will The Super Committee Do?

With the membership of the congressional “super committee”  almost finalized, it’s worth asking:  Who do the members  represent?  The answer to that question may provide clues regarding how they plan on devising $1.5 trillion in deficit cuts by November.  One … Continue reading

Where Is The Most Powerful Person In The World?

What happened to the most powerful man on earth?  That’s the question Dana Milbank poses in his Washington Post column yesterday.  Milbank’s query was triggered by Obama’s evident inability on Monday to use the bully pulpit to halt the free … Continue reading

The Real Story of Obama’s Presidency

What happened to Obama? According to psychologist Drew Westen in this editorial in the New York Times the answer is simple: the President forgot to tell us a story that would help us make sense of the problems we face.  … Continue reading