Monthly Archives: July 2011

What I Think Really Happened In the Debt Negotiations

I go out for a run and a swim, and the debt negotiations break down. That will teach me. I can’t be sure, but based on the dueling press announcements as well as some of my own contacts, here’s what … Continue reading

The Debt Negotiations: When An Irresistible Force Meets A Moveable Object

If as the LA Times is reporting, Speaker Boehner and President Obama are working on a plan that would link a raise in the debt ceiling to some $3 trillion in spending cuts – and without any revenue offsets – … Continue reading

Breaking News from Politico: Michele Bachmann is “in the dark” and “lies down on the job”!

Maybe I was wrong about Bachmann.  Maybe the migraines are a bigger worry than the hot flashes.  In a sign that this story has legs, the Politico website published some blockbuster information today that casts serious doubt regarding Bachmann’s ability … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann: Too Hot To Be President?

A few days ago the Daily Caller, a conservative website, broke the story that Michele Bachmann suffers from debilitating migraines that may disqualify her from serving as president.  The story set off a wave of debate regarding Bachmann’s medical condition … Continue reading

If Moses Polled the Israelites…Why Public Opinion Is Of Little Help In Solving the Debt Crisis

So, when it comes to solving the debt crisis, what do Americans want?  More importantly, are politicians even listening?  Should they be listening – is public opinion, as measured by surveys, even a reliable guide to policymakers? To answer these … Continue reading