Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Perry Candidacy: How Late is Too Late?

With all signs indicating that Texas Governor Rick Perry is about ready to throw his hat in the ring,  national polls already place him near the top of the Republican field (see here  and here ) along with Romney, Palin … Continue reading

Live Blogging The President’s Speech

OK, technology permitting – we will be live blogging the President’s speech.  As  always, comments welcome. We’ll  be watching on the local  PBS affiliate. He begins with the family analogy.  For once, I’d like a politician to say, “Guess what … Continue reading

Boehner to the President: Do You Two-Step?

With the August 2 default deadline a week away, President Obama will go on national television tonight, against the backdrop of dueling partisan plans to solve the debt impasse.  Presumably Obama will try to position himself above the political fray … Continue reading

The Art of the Deal, Part II: The Sun Will Rise, the Sun Will Set, and I’ll Have Lunch

Both sides of the debt debate fanned out today to make their case on various Sunday talk shows.  Obama’s negotiators – chief of staff Bill Daley and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner were on Chris “I’m No Flake” Wallace’s Fox show … Continue reading

Who Is To Blame? The Art of the Deal, Part I

As near as I can tell from piecing together the news fragments leaking from the usual anonymous sources on both sides of the debt debate, Boehner and Obama had a framework for a significant budget deal in place along the … Continue reading