Monthly Archives: July 2011

My Ox Was Gored, the Veto Threat and Other Developments

As Speaker Boehner and the Republican House leadership struggle this morning to lock down the votes needed to pass the Republican debt limit bill, there were a couple of other developments. First, the President gave a brief statement this morning … Continue reading

And the House Vote Is…..!

Delayed, at least as of this writing (at 10:11 p.m.).  Evidently Boehner and Cantor are trotting the fence-sitting Republicans in to Boehner’s office  to make the case for supporting the leadership bill, but it is simply too close to risk … Continue reading

Does Boehner Have the Votes? A Look at the Holdouts

With last-minute news reports suggesting that Speaker Boehner does not yet have the votes to pass his deficit reduction bill in the House, I thought it might be worth looking more closely at who the potential Republican “no” votes are.  … Continue reading

Is Obama Planning to Invoke the 14th Amendment to End the Debt Crisis?

           In an earlier post that received not a little attention, I made the case for why arguments that  Obama should invoke the 14th amendment to settle the debt impasse were not just constitutionally dubious – they were politically stupid, … Continue reading

The Debt Impasse: What They Say and What They Mean

As we near the endgame – perhaps – in the debt negotiations, both sides have ratcheted up their public rhetoric.  Today all 53 Senate Democrats signed a letter informing House Speaker Boehner that they would not accept his most recent … Continue reading